Pecha Kucha Training edition

The special spring edition of the Training edition-Pecha Kucha Night Bratislava is being prepared for you by students of the subject Marketing for Artists.

Live broadcast will take place via Google meet.

There are 13 of them, each different, with his or her own view of the world. They are united by an interest in doing more things than needed, and this has proved when they signed up for an optional, "C" subject, the output of which is this presentation.

Learn about the unusual sources of their inspiration, the deliberate flaws in art one learns, they will tell you what you didn't know about the evolution of T-rex, and that printmaking doesn't have to be just dirty work. The presentation will offer details from behind the scenes of the creation of Hviezdoslav Kubín's new visual identity and instructions on how to make your grandmother an artist as well.


Nina Pacherová
Jan Perháč
Johanka Janošíková
Norbert Kuki
Laura Morovská
Erik Ždiľa
Sarah Camilla Pekarčíková
Kateřina Dobřanská
Jozef Mnich
Angelika Marianna Čechová
Marco Rapant
Patrik Hujo
Daniela Havrlentová

We cordially invite you, thank you and look forward to seeing you!

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