Painting 15+

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of Studio of painting of AFAD Bratislava — Painting 15+ in Ostrava at Dole gallery.


  • Galerie Dole

    • Nádražní 615/30, 702 00 Moravská Ostrava, ČR; entry from Mlýnská st.

      • MO - FRI 10 - 18


  • Duration: 27.5. - 30.6.2024



  • Klaudia Kosziba a Dominik Hlinka


The title of the exhibition Painting 15+ loosely associates a sense of collective wit and the issue of evaluating a view, and also asks questions about expanding the possibilities of the painting medium into the future. The selection of the work is full of paradoxes that reveal not only painting and its relationship to other media, but also the intermediality of its social and institutional dimension. The concept of the exhibition envisages a deepening of interest in the creation of student art teams in the educational process and in the creation of individuals whose artistic approaches are already appearing and being promoted within the diverse art scene. The exhibition diverts attention from the painting image to the way it is created, to design, it highlights sensitivity to the material and the creative process. At the same time, each of the exhibitors tries to profile their own handwriting, regardless of the common exhibition platform. "Atelier manudictio" manifests itself in a free, creative-critical atmosphere. The mission of the exhibition is to modulate the view and to obscure and soften the definitiveness of the gallery space through ephemeral walls. Curtain walls and their tectonics often compromise the conceptual intent. In this case, however, they are the prototype of a strategic approach to the format of the exhibition, which can be reliable on elements that we have all seen and whose awareness therefore reassures us. It is an approach in which we appropriate something existing, similar to martial arts techniques — we transform it into our own energy. In this way, we get several different spatial situations that can be not only passed through, but also "seen" through the curtains. Each curtain not only has a great effect, but can change the space behind it and the things inside it. It thus enables a variable concept of the reality of art installations and tells about the relationship to painting, based on the desire to disrupt the boundaries of three-dimensionality and to search for a new method of proximity in the relationship of matter — light — image.


Realisation supported by public funds through Slovak arts council

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