Overview of the five years of the Sympora intermedial symposium

Association Multiversum z.s. invites you to the exhibition at Gallery N in Jablonec nad Nisou. On the ground floor, the gallery will present a selection of works from the first five years of the Sympora art symposium, which it has been organizing since 2017 in Raspenava.



  • Vernissage on September 27, 2023 from 5 p.m

  • Duration of the exhibition: 27. 9.–27. 10. 2023


About the exhibition

The artistic leitmotif of the symposia was the genius loci of the place, but also the individual themes of the individual years, such as light, visual smog, something new and more. These themes are reflected in the works of more than 40 artists who worked in various artistic disciplines. Some works are difficult to transfer because they are created as site specific art, we convey them to the audience by digital transmission on the screen. The exhibition in Gallery N now gives the opportunity to see works from individual years together and in a gallery context.

Quote from Marcela Kindl Steffanová, organizer of the Symposium...: "We have been operating for five years. It all started on our knees in the garden of our then newly bought house and grew into a regular event that everyone already asks about in advance. In the last year, this summer, around 100 visitors already visited the opening. We are growing and that makes me very happy. The symposium found a response among artists, musicians, but also among locals, it is already a fixed point in the cultural map of Raspenava. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve, so we now want to remember the first five years of joint work and shared cultural experiences. And at the same time to show in Jablonec that interesting culture is also happening on the other side of the Jizera Mountains."


At the exhibition, viewers will see, among other things:

paintings by Eliška Hamajdová on the theme of Light in the Country, brooches made of clay by Kristína Španihelová or an audio recording of sounds from certain places by Dominik Knap, sculptures by Jakub Tauš and much more.


  • MgA. Marcela Kindl Steffanová


About Multiverse, z.s.

Multiversum is an association of friends, artists and musicians. The basic purpose of the association is the support of social actions and the development of a cultural and educational environment in civil society. The association deals with organizing concerts, exhibitions, symposia, theaters, author's readings, mostly in the Liberec region. We try to connect people, art, music and bring cultural experiences to our surroundings. In Raspenava, this year we already organized the 5th edition of the Sympora International Intermedial Symposium. We invite renowned experts in their field, as well as students or graduates who are studying arts. This creates space for experience and an intergenerational perspective on the given topics. The works can use drawing, painting, sculpture, jewellery, spatial creation, graphics, body art, land art, environment, happening, object, installation, video art, overlap into music and dance or scenography. The goal is interdisciplinary acquaintance and mutual enrichment of experiences between the individual participants of the symposium, which makes our symposium unique in this region. We invite 8-10 participants to the Sympora symposium in Raspenave, who spend nine days creating and getting to know the surroundings that inspire them. We bring a new way of thinking about its use to our space. We offer symposium participants our equipment and background for their creation. We try to think visually about issues that go beyond common diaries and stereotypes. We believe that everything we do has meaning and deepens interpersonal relations not only in our surroundings, but also finds a way to unite the wider public. We hope that the symposium will show how to look at problems in an alternative way and will bring joy to all who will participate in it as participants or just as spectators. We end the symposium with a vernissage, where we exhibit all the works and then talk about them with the visitors. The symposium always has an accompanying musical program, where 2-3 bands will perform. We will be happy to welcome you at the next opening and introduce you to our project.


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