Every work or its story that is created is created within a long chain of interconnected influences, experiences, stimuli, experiences, conversations ..., whether it is conscious or not. During the semester, students often reach the limits of their own sensitivity. And the process that they experience opens up a new space for them, where only small flashes of ideas, some new partial structures, which are gradually formed, are visible. The exhibition Openness presents precisely these forms or works of art by students from the Studio of Intermedia of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

Arta Cultural Center, Kollárova ulica 2, 921 01 Piešťany

Exhibiting authors: Zoltán Baráth, Andrea Dudášová, Sofia Holoshchuk, Jana Kapelová and Nina Vidovencová, Norbert Kuki, Lucia Kupcová, Tsudoi Masuda, Sára Miklášová, Viktória Revická, Daniel Rychlo, Tatiana Takáčová, Jakub Užovič, Kristína Anna Vachová
Curator: Nina Vidovencová

Expert cooperation: Katarína Jankechová