Mladá Vajnorská – Survival is insufficient 300000

In the Artotéka gallery, at a new exhibition, we will present objects, sculptures, installations of three members of the art group Mladá Vajnorská, which consists of our student from the Department of Intermedia Michaela Kacsiova and our two sculpture graduates Filip Bielek and Marek Stuller.

  • Where:

  • When

    • Opening: Tuesday, May 23 at 5:30 p.m

    • Duration of the exhibition: 24/5 – 30/6/2023

      • during the opening hours of the City Library 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.



Exhibiting artists:

  • Filip Bielek,

  • Michaela Kacsiová,

  • Marek Stuller


  • Filip Bielek


About the Exhibition

Together, they reflect on the subject of housing and its availability in the period of late capitalism, which privatized and transformed this natural human need to provide housing, shelter from adverse weather, as well as a place to raise offspring or to sleep comfortably, into the form of a bare investment. – the real estate market. Living under the burden of a vicious circle of mortgages and financial machinations in the real estate market makes it impossible for hundreds of thousands of people to create the much-mentioned  „home sweet home". Something so vitally necessary in a person's life. So is the current way of thinking about housing what we really wanted? Can alternatives be sought? Is it possible to get out of this vicious circle?



The event was supported using public funding by Slovak Art Council.

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