Michal Černušák - Land of Fathers

We cordially invite you to the opening of the individual exhibition of Michal Černušák. Exhibition for DOT. Contemporary was curated by Vladimír Beskid.

In the premises of Jurkovičová heating plant, Bottova 1 - Sky Park, Bratislava.

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The Bratislava DOT Gallery presents an individual exhibition of Michal Černušák who is considered a prominent figure on the contemporary Slovak scene. The author has long been developing a series of large-format figural painting in a combination of acrylic and airbrush with a critical reflection of today and the poetics of the media record of the time. He projects on its screens the global world of consumerism, corporations and their manipulations, the diseases of powerful and mass media. Floating architectures, politicians, cosmonauts and developers (Corporatio; Federal Bank; Eastern Developer) appear in the complex scenes of large canvases. This is followed by unfettered beach parties and make-up skiing (Make My Summer; Russian Skiing), which alternates dark imaginary night cities with commercials, crowds of people with spotlight (We Saw You; Yes We Could; Leaders).

In the current series, Michal Černušák presents disturbing scenes of manipulation with nature and people, images of catastrophes, collisions and a possible collapse of this civilization in one whirlpool chaos (Get On Top; We Are Not Your Toys). The key work of the exhibition is a laid-out image of the Land of Fathers (according to him also the name of the exhibition). In the middle is a generous image of the Tatra landscape, around which revolves ominous "pipe" civilization of the city. The canvas was premiered at the Volta Basel 2021 art fair in Basel, Switzerland.

Mgr. art. Michal ČERNUŠÁK, ArtD., born 1982 in Zvolen; Studies: Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (2000-2006), 4th studio of prof. Ivan Csudai; Awards: 2007 - Special prize Essl Award; 2006 - finalist of VUB Painting of the Year; From current solo exhibitions: 2021 - Corpo-ratio, Danubiana Bratislava; Blue Lamp (together with I. Csudai), MVL Košice; 2020 - Black Flower, GJK Trnava and 2017- Schemnitz Gallery Banská Štiavnica (both together with M. Kvetan); 2016 - Color stream, Zsolnay Cultural Negyed Pécs; 2014 - We will solve your problems, Barracks Kulturpark, Košice. He lives and works in Bratislava, where he also teaches at the Department of Painting of the AFAD; more info at: cernusak.com