Kristýna Španihelová at "DNA" exhibition at Espace Solidor

We cordially invite you to the DNA exhibition in France, where Kristýna Španihelová is exhibiting.



    • Place du Château, Hauts de Cagnes, 08600 Cagnes-sur-Mer, Francie


  • Vernissage: June 10, 2023 at 11 a.m.

  • Exhibition duration: June 10 - November 5, 2023


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  • Juan Riusech

The DNA of our organization is made up of the sum of all the DNAs of all the artists who participated in our exhibitions and events all over the world. This DNA is made of diversity. Our artists use all possible materials and are inspired by all areas of culture, science, politics, history or news. They dialogue with the public, the spectator or the participant, by soliciting him, by questioning or disturbing him. The DNA of the contemporary art jewelry artists is also the singularity, the authenticity and the creativity. Each artist has his own approach, his own style, his own message. There are no rules or standards to follow, but personal and constant research. The artist of contemporary art jewelry is an explorer, an inventor, a revealer. He expresses his DNA through his art.


The artists selected for « DNA » exhibition: 

  • Anna Talbot, Arisa Inoue, Åsa Elmstam, Austin Turley, Carmen López Sánchez, Charlotte Vanhoubroeck, Clara del Papa, Claudia Steiner, Danica Drago, Deimezi Xenia, Eiko Nakahara, Elvire Blanc Briand, Esteban Erosky, Fabiana Gadano, Isabelle Azais, Isabelle Busnel, Jason Stein, Juan Harnie, Juan Riusech, Kamile Staneliene, Karin Roy Andersson, Kristýna Španihelová, Linda Savineau, Mabel Pena, Malene Kastalje, Marta Mattsson, Maud Traon, Michelle Kraemer, Monique Lecouna, Namkyung Lee, Nanna Doll, Nassrin Vessalian, Nico Delaide, Paolo Gambarelli, Patricia Iglesias, Peter Hoogeboom, Pilar Viedma Gil de Vergara, Raquel Bessudo, Rho Tang, Rosa Borreda, Rikke Lunnemann, Sara Shahak, Saydee Chandler, Sébastien Carré, Sofia Björkman, Spam Glam, Taibe Palacios, Tanel Veenre, Teresa F Faris, Ute van der Plaats, Viktoria Münzker, Yiota Vogli, Youjin Um, & Yu Hiraishi


DNA Spanihelova poster