Klara Kusa: Pseudosphere, (re)searching

Exhibition of an AFAD student

X Gallery, Zámočnícka 396, 811 03 Bratislava

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Commented tour/Workshop, 12 May 2022

In her drawings and paintings, Klara Kusa creates her own philosophy based on the self-reflection of this world. She openly talks about her feelings, searching for the symbol that could portray her existence in this world. With this kind of gesture, she follows up on the tradition of Slovak conceptual art (her inspiration, amongst others, are Julius Koller, Dezider Toth, Rudolf Sikora, Stano Filko). Kusatries to establish a new meaning for symbols such as the question mark, the arrow and the infinity symbol. These might seem to have become devoid of meaning, due to their frequent usage. Kusa is in the process of (re)searching. The shape that currently fascinates her is called a pseudosphere. She is convinced that, at the current stage of her creative process, the aforementioned shape symbolizes her life in this world.

Klara Kusa (1996) is an artist, an activist and the founder of non-profit organization Psychiatria nie je na hlavu ("Psychiatry is not nuts"). She is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, studyingPhotography and New Media. 

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