We cordially invite you to the premiere of the performance KISSKERYMAD in the cultural center PAKT, in which the students of the Studio of Spatial Communications + Department of Intermedia Kasha Potrohosh and Coco Chmelár will perform.

  • Venue:

  • Premiere: Saturday March 18, 2023, 7 p. m.



The production is loosely inspired by the work of Viera Chytilová and Ester Krumbachová Sedmikrásky and explores the meaning of the concept of corruption in the present time. The effort to comprehensively grasp the fragmentation of today's time, from different sides due to its ambiguity and the number of stimuli and approaches to which we are exposed, turns out to be dysfunctional. Analytical approach fails, gets reevaluated, confuses us, similar to Viera Chytilová's new wave play. The form drowns out the content, it becomes a tangle of random semiotic signs that lose meaning and we no longer know who we really are. We disappear along with the media we create, we search for closeness, companionship, sex, love, ourselves, and in spite of everything, we become just another act (or performance) in the already existing sea of their (our?) existence.



  • Direction, Dramaturgy: Veronika Róza Rišňovská, Ivo Dobrovodský
  • Performers: Coco Chmelár, Kasha Potrohosh
  • Music: Lenōk, Viktor Ori
  • Visuals: Kolektiv
  • Light Design/VJ: Jozef Čabo
  • Production: Batyskaf or Gegangere
  • Dramaturgical assistance: Laura Plis
  • Photo: Nina Mik