Karina Golisová – Utopia

Opening of the exhibition of photographs by Karina Golisová, a student of the AFAD and at the same time the winner of the competition category Talent of the Year SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO 2020

Zichy Palace, Ventúrska 9, 2nd floor, Bratislava

The exhibition of photographs by KARINA GOLISOVÁ - UTÓPIA is dedicated to the story of the legendary Bratislava Cvernovka. Cvernovka was a building that provided studios and especially a roof over the heads of many young people. A place of freedom, happiness and community. The demolition of this building marked the end of one difficult-to-define utopia - a world that is absolutely non-transferable. The key message of this documentary series is a reflection on the influence of society and capitalism on the young generation living in an alternative social environment and an analysis of psychological or social reasons and the consequences of their behavior. Characteristic of the decline of any society is the preference of the concept of happiness of the individual over the happiness and prosperity of the whole. The ambiguity of individual satisfaction inevitably stagnates progress and productivity.