Karin Patúcová Lunterová and Eva Masaryková: Dream of the night

We cordially invite you to the opening and exhibitions of Karin Patúcová - Lunterová and Eva Masaryková at the ARTA cultural - creative center in Piešťany. The grand opening will take place on Friday, June 14, 2024, from 7 p.m.


  • ARTA - cultural - creative center

    • Kollárova 2, Piešťany

    • Accessible Thu, Fri, Sat from 2 to 6 p.m.; you can find the entrance in the transition from Teplicka Street 46.


  • Grand opening: 14. 6. 2023, 19:00

  • Exhibition duration: 14.6. - 6. 7. 2024



In the medium of clay, ceramics and associated materials, in coexistence with the space and atmosphere of Arta, a NIGHT'S DREAM is about to take place. It solves the state of semi-consciousness at the time when we sleep and dream and the state of transition, change. It is a presentation of the most contemporary ideas of two authors, Karin Patúcová Lunterová and Eva Masaryková, and originates from their close journey together in life and daily collaboration. Reflections on a dream want to reflect on Goya's etching The sleep of reason breeds monsters and on the concept of a midsummer night's dream by belonging to the June date of the exhibition, with everything ritualistic and pagan, which refers to the period of the solstice.


Karin Patúcová Lunterová and Eva Masaryková: Dream of the night - invitation


Supported by public funding from the Slovak Arts Council.

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