Juraj Gavula, Matej Gavula: Homo Faber

The Július Koller Society invites you to the exhibition opening Juraj Gavula, Matej Gavula: Homo Faber in Nová Cvernovka

exhibition opening: 12. 3. 2020, 7 PM

exhibition duration: 13. 3. - 30. 5. 2020

text and professional cooperation: Peter Szalay

curators: Daniel Grúň and Zlata Borůvková

The Homo Faber exhibition reflects the rise and fall of socialist modernism. It tracks the traces of its original construction and present decay, using as an example the sculptures created for hospital buildings. The monumental works of Juraj Gavula, having taken guidance from Václav Cigler's lessons, is based on the principles of minimalism and organic sculpture. Matej Gavula in a dialog with his father's archive uncovers the production background of his creative process while his own works comment on the transition of healing spaces from reality to fiction.

From public funds supported by Slovak Arts Council.

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