Discussion: What is the future of KHB?

AFAD and the Otvorená kultúra! (Open Culture!) platform invite you to a discussion about the future of the Bratislava Kunsthalle. On Tuesday, February 27, 2024, from 5:00 p.m. The discussion will also be broadcast as a live stream.


  • AFAD, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, Bratislava, room no. 220.

    • Maximum capacity of room is cca 50 attendees, but

    • at the same time, there will be a live stream on AFAD Facebooku


  • 27. februára 2024 o 17:00

FB event


Invited guests:

  • Alexandra Kusá, SNG director
  • Denisa Zlatá, authorized director of KHB
  • Lýdia Pribišová, curator of KHB
  • Bohunka Koklesová, rector of AFAD
  • András Cséfalvay, artist and AFAD pedagogue
  • Dorota Kenderová, RGS
  • Peter Lukáč, general director of the cultural heritage and state language section of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic


  • Michal Hvorecký


After five years, the Kunsthalle Bratislava is again in danger. The institution has been struggling with budget problems, financial and personnel under-dimensions for a long time. Director Jen Kratochvíl resigned in January 2024. The Ministry of Culture announces the merger of KHB and SNG. The future of KHB is open and uncertain. The fate of this institution is to be decided by a working group.

How does the current management of the Ministry of Culture want to approach the Kunsthalle, or contemporary visual art in general? Does SNG have the personnel capacity to manage KHB? The creative community is calling for a dialogue that concerns not only the further operation of the Kunsthalle, but also other established institutions.

Come and discuss with us!



  • The organizers of the discussion are AFAD anf the Otvorená Kultúra! platform.
  • Visual: Jakub Huba (artwork), Lukáš Kolár (graphic design)


Discussion - future of Kunsthalle 02272024 - invitation