Digital Prieskum

The Digital Prieskum of the Academy of Fine Arts Bratislava continues in the Winter Semester 2020!

The freshest works of VŠVU students in the online space at

Students from the departments will present their authorial work: Architectural creation; Digital arts; Design; Photography and new media; Graphics and other media; Intermediates; Painting; Restoration; Sculpture, object, installation; Jewelery, glass and ceramics; Textiles; Visual communication.

Due to the measures associated with the ongoing pandemic, the classic Survey cannot be carried out on school premises. The VŠVU Digital Survey is an internet platform created for the public online presentation of the semester works of school students.

Based on the application, which will be placed on the Digital Survey website, students of the VŠVU will be able to apply and exhibit their semester work online. Student creation has never been more accessible to the public.

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