Design without borders

For the eighteenth time, textile designer Szilvia Szigeti and interior designer Tamás Radnóti are organizing the project "Design without Borders", which is considered one of the most important design events in the region. The project is organized as an international festival.


Kiscell Museum - 107 Budapest, Kiscelli Street 108.


2. 10. – 6. 11. 2022


An international exhibition of designers from 19 countries, in which several VŠVU ateliers also participate – Atelier S+M+L_XL Metal and jewelry, Atelier Glass, Atelier Ceramics. The works of jewelers Dorota Sloviaková, Karin Šusteková, Klára Valušková and Nina Abramovičová, glassmaker Igor Kováč and ceramicist Žofia Poljaková Mročková from our school were selected. As part of the Year of Glass, the works of Patrik Ill, head of the Glass Studio at VŠVU, are also presented.

AFAD at DWB 2022
Nina Abramovičová: AFAD at DWB 2022.
AFAD at DWB 2022
Igor Kováč: AFAD at DWB 2022.
AFAD at DWB 2022
Dorota Sloviaková: AFAD at DWB 2022.
AFAD at DWB 2022
Klára Valušková: AFAD at DWB 2022.

The resulting selection presents works by more than 100 designers from 19 European countries, including authors who have already won various national or international awards. In addition to designer objects, the exhibition will also present furniture, textile creations and jewelry. Alvar Aalto University from Finland will also participate this year.


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