We invite you to the opening and exhibition of Darjan Hardi TRANSPARENT in the curatorial concept of Ján Kralovič at the NOVA gallery.



  • Vernissage October 16 at 6 p.m.

    • duration of the exhibition October 16, 2023 – December 1, 2023


  • Curator: Ján Kralovič

  • Spatial solution: Gamanova Bakushina Studio

  • Viac informácií



Transparent (banner) is a strange word. It is usually used to denote a strip of cloth with a slogan or pattern that is intended to be carried in a procession. The meaning is based on the words transparencia, transparency. This is a property of substances that transmit light. The etymology of the term speaks of its Latin origin: lat. trans – through, behind, pārens – visible, pārēre – to appear, to appear. An object is transparent if we can see through it, if something is revealed to us through it. It is this meaningful relationship between the transpatent, which demonstrates an idea, and the banner as a translucency, light permeability, that became the basic motivational starting point in the thinking of the artist Darjan Hardi.

Darjan is an illustrator (lat. Illūstrāre – to illuminate, clarify, explain). Part of his work is focused on "illuminating" narratives through images. In this sense, I am interested in the motif of the drawing; as a principle of clarification through graphic signs through which the story is made visible in a way based on the representation of signs. In the case of a drawing, the representation is the form and system of lines (their width, tonality, the author's expression of execution, etc.), but also the material used, the handling of the surface on which the lines are placed.

In the exhibition project TRANSPARENT, however, the author abandons representation and description. In his drawings, he aims to disengage the gesture, to clarify and thematize the primary movement of the hand as the main "tool" of the artist. Deviation from the narrative towards the revelation of principles as a drawing is created is a way to not only evoke stories with images, but to create visual tropes. The use of fabric - and its transparent properties - as a background material is a possibility for further shaping of the drawing. The gesture enters the space, becomes the visual "password" of the author's manifestation.


Darjan Hardi (*1994, Serbia)    

graduated from the Illustration Studio at the AFAD in Bratislava, completed an internship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and completed his master's degree at the Illustration and Graphics Studio at the UMPRUM in Prague. In his work, he most often returns to drawing, which he approaches through various tools and techniques. He often works with collage, layered pastel drawing or carpet tape. His work oscillates between abstraction and objectivity. He also works in photography and graphic design. He lives in Prague.


Darjan Hardii exhibition Transparent - poster