Commented tour of the SJK Object with author's interpretation by Ján Studený

We cordially invite you to a guided tour of the reconstructed pavilion in Janko Kráľ Park on Friday, March 22, 2024. Ján Studený will guide the tour and the author's interpretation will be given.



  • Friday, March 22, 2024 at 11 a.m.



The building in the Sad Janka Krála, designed by F. Konček in 1982, is the original service pavilion of the park, long misused as a gentlemen's salon (since 1995) by a private owner, who defaced it with inappropriate construction interventions. In 2020, the city decided to buy it back and return it to its original function in the form of reconstruction.

The transformation of the building is part of the planned revitalization of the park, and the opening of the pavilion will offer space for its facilities, a specially managed cafe and changing rooms for cultural events in the park organized by BKIS.

The reconstruction took place according to the project of architects Studený – Stec, under the leadership of Ján Studený, who accompanies the tour with an author's interpretation. The building is an example of reductive reconstruction, with an interest in creating a flexible environment with the possibility of variable interior arrangement - from a cafe to exhibition and presentation purposes. The envelope of the pavilion has been completely replaced to meet the low-energy standard and its orthogonal arrangement of glazing (around the central fountain) offers a direct connection to the park.



Studeny SJK object - complete poster