Astro-musical event at the AFAD

Come and try mixing your own beat from cosmic sounds!


  •  school building on Drotárska


  • Friday, May 17 at 4:00 p.m.



We invite you to another one of the events that take place not only as part of our Summer Semester Exhibition, but also as part of the international Starmus festival. This time it will be an Astro-Musical Talk - a combination of a lecture, a workshop and a concert by the musician Flangr from Chile.

Flangr is a Chilean astro-pop artist who combines his music with astronomy. He is the first artist in the world to make popular music with sounds from space thanks to the ALMA observatory.


At the lecture, in addition to listening to cosmic sounds, you will also be able to try mixing them to create your own musical beat.



Astro-Musical Talk