Ask the Experts: Academic Writing

On the occasion of the Month of Academic Writing, Charlesworth Group prepared a webinar


More information and application

Do you have access to e-resources on the ProQuest and / or Knovel platforms? At the end of this web invitation, you will find links to e-books focused on scientific communication, publishing, academic and technical writing. And a few handy freely available information sources.

Invitations to other webinars focused on academic writing and publishing:

  • 10. 11. Publishing in Academic Journals (Taylor & Francis)
  • 11. 11. Open Access Membership for Slovakia (Taylor & Francis)
  • 11. 11. How Can Researchers Increase Their Chances of Publication? (Charlesworth)
  • 15. 11. SAGE Research Methods
  • 23. 11. Introduction to Publishing with OUP
  • 23. 11. Writing your PhD (Charlesworth)

More information and applications can be found at

Invitation also on Facebook aib.