Responsive architecture workshop

Responzívna a adpatívna architektúra s presahom do multidisciplinárnej oblasti programovania, inštalácií, soundartu a práce so senzormi.

The first part of the project would be lectures by invited experts (Peter Stec, Prof. Robert Voticky, Fero Király) in the field of kinetic, responsive and adaptive architecture with an overlap into the multidisciplinary field of programming, installations, sound art and work with sensors. Lectures would help students to expand their theoretical knowledge, get acquainted with the possibilities of practical use and existing foreign projects.

In the second part of the project, during a three-day intensive workshop led by lecturers and consultants, students would acquire the theoretical knowledge gained from lectures and the seminar Fundamentals of Algorithmic Modeling in programming and creating their own responsive architectural models / prototypes.

During the workshop, students would first get acquainted with Arduino technology, the possibilities of control and programming via Grasshopper, the possibilities of working with sensors (pressure, temperature, humidity, light, motion sensors ...) and their possible use in architectural designs. Finally, they would apply the acquired knowledge in the construction of simple prototypes (responsive shelters, interior elements, pieces of furniture, pavilions, etc.). At the end of the workshop, students would present their proposals to the lecturers and possibly other invited guests. The results of the workshop will be presented within the VŠVU Summer Survey.

Contract no. 2019vu097


Tatra banka Foundation, More Art program

Responsible researcher:

Mgr. art. Júlia Kolláthová, ArtD., Department of Architectural Creation