SCOOTER VI. - young art action

We cordially invite you to the Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava for the international exhibition "SCOOTER VI. - young art action," where our students Norbert Kuki and Viktor Jakubčo will be presented, too.





Katarína Bajkayová / Zuzana Bartošová / Kincső Bede / Mona Birkás / Sarah Dubná / Judit Ágnes Gallai / Diana Barbosa Gil / Viktor Jakubčo / Daniela Kasperer / Dominika Kováčiková / Norbert Kuki / Paula Malinowska / Eva Mária Moleková / Judit Lilla Molnár / Pavla Nikitina / Gábor Pap / Zuzana Pustaiová / Anna Schachinger / Gabriela Slaninková / Martina Drozd Smutná / Jiří Staněk / Jakub Staš / Denisa Štefanigová / Marie Tučková / Andrea Uváčiková / Nicholas Wintzler


Curators: Adrián Kobetič / Patrik Krajčovič



SCOOTER VI. - young art event Trnava 2024 is a periodical international event of the Ján Koniark Gallery built as a representative thematic exhibition of authors active in Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The exhibition will present a total of twenty-six artists under the age of 35, while this year's subtitle will be: "From Optimal to Fatal". It refers to the ways of experiencing the surrounding world by young authors in the era of fluidity, when teenagers have to cope with the questions of finding an identity, an author's program, or, more generally, their place in the world.

The exhibition will present the entire spectrum of approaches and media, from classic painting, through photography, object, installation to digital image.

The main purpose of the event is to create a periodic platform for the presentation of contemporary artistic language, to stimulate the current work of young people by encouraging dialogue, to bring space for social inclusion, an environment of gender equality and criticism of current policies in the field of art and culture.


  • A catalog will be published for the exhibition in Slovak and English versions, with texts by the curators, but also by invited guests and budding art historians.
  • The exhibition will take place in the exhibition spaces of Koppel's villa, on the ground floor and first floor, as well as in the extension and exterior of the villa.
  • The creation of the catalog was supported by the Art Support Fund from public sources.
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Skúter VI - poster