Our daily bread

We cordially invite you to Opava for the opening of a collective exhibition that deals with the status of the artist.


  • Cella Gallery and "Hovorny", Opava, Czech Republic

    • Galerie Cella

      Matiční 4,
      746 01 Opava
      TUE-THU: 9-11 13-17

    • Hovorny

      Masarykova tř. 22,
      746 01 Opava
      MON-SUN: 0-24


  • Opening: April 25, 2023 at 6 p.m.

    • Exhibition duration: April 25 – July 7, 2023



  • Mladen Stilinović, Jiří Valoch, Polina Davydenko, Jan Nálevka, Milan Mikuláštík, Marian Palla, Markéta Wágnerová, Jana Kapelová, Karíma Al-Mukhtarová, Přemysl Procházka.



  • Jana Písaříková



In the Czech art scene, there has been intense talk in the last year about the need to review the conditions and evaluation of the work of artists and cultural workers. The very need to label art as work comes to the fore in this debate about the status of the artist. However, accepting art as a type of labor will always be unacceptable for a part of society. The reason for this is the nature of art as a non-utilitarian, and to a certain extent, time-limited and immeasurable activity, which society as a whole does not require from artists and, for the most part, thinks that it does not need it at all. Art thereby gains its freedom and independence, but it is often bought dearly by the existential uncertainty of artists. The theme of the exhibition Our Daily Bread deals with the role of artistically creative people in society and what artists actually do for a living. In other words, what can be the daily bread of artists and what are the internal paradoxes of art viewed through the lens of the concept of work.



Kapelova Our daily bread - poster