New methods in teaching design drawing with a specialization in the automotive industry

The project deals with the introduction of current trends in the field of design drawing, especially in the automotive industry, into the teaching process at the Department of Design on AFAD, Studio Transport Design.

The project will focus mainly on the area of ​​digital drawing, which is an important intermediate step from standard drawing to digital preparation of a 3D model and the implementation of a prototype. The successful implementation of the project will ensure the appropriate technical equipment and the enrichment of teaching with workshops with invited experts from practice, who will be able to provide students with the most current methods of digital drawing used in the automotive industry.

Within the project, the existing subject "Design Drawing" will be enriched with specialized teaching of digital drawing. It will focus on preparing students to respond flexibly to the requirements of design companies, especially in the quality and communicativeness of submitted proposals for solutions to design tasks. Part of the course will also be the acquisition of skills in the field of control of working with a tablet and related software, which are necessary for mastering digital design drawing. The project responds to the current requirements of practice in the automotive industry, where digital drawing is an important means of communication between the designer and the manufacturer. Students will thus gain a tool to improve their employment.

Project no. 009VŠVU-4/2019


MŠVVaŠ SR, KEGA, Commission no. 4 for the development of culture and art

Responsible researcher:

prof. Ing. Štefan Klein, acad.soch., Department of Design


2019 – 2020