"Hiking" on data walkways

The Hiking on the Data trails project aims to expand artistic and technological literacy and practical knowledge - students of the Department of Intermedia, VŠVU, Atelier of Spatial Communications (+) with the internal workplace Medialab as a technological base, in cooperation with Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, Israel and the University of the Arts in Belgrade - in the field of digital technologies to the thematic platform on global control.

Over the course of two years, students will gradually meet with specialists from the field of IT and digital art, who are engaged in the analysis of data transmissions, interactive media, editing, sound and image production.

The project will be divided into 3 workshops, one in each semester in a different location (Belgrade, Jerusalem, High Tatras), and finally to an exhibition project in the HOTDOCK gallery in Bratislava.

The invited guests will pass on their know-how to the students as well as to the teachers / researchers themselves, who will then develop them. They will thus contribute to the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills that cannot be shared in any other way. The way will be opened for a broader critical reflection on current technologies and their use in pedagogical practice, in artistic practice in general and in the individual expressions of the participants.

Project no. 011VŠVU-4/2019


MŠVVaŠ SR, KEGA, Commission no. 4 for the development of culture and art

Responsible researcher:

prof. Mgr. Anton Čierny, Department of Intermedia


2019 – 2021