On Thursday, June 22, 2023, we are opening the exhibition Transmodernity/Transmodernity/ Transmodernité at the Slovak Institute in Vienna.


  • Slovak Institute in Vienna

    • Wipplingerstrasse 24 – 26, 1010 Viedeň, Rakúsko


  • Exhibition opening: June 22, 2023

  • Exhibition duration: June 22 - September 2, 2023


About the exhibition

The main idea of the Transmodernity exhibition is the connection of the past and the present with reference to the future. The term "transmodernity" was used by the Spanish feminist and philosopher Mária Magda Rodriguez in the 1980s. Transmodernity essentially means changing the old into something new and necessary. The curatorial selection reflects the symbolic 30 years of Slovak design. We selected works of product and communication design from the collections of the Slovak Museum of Design and from the approached authors. We reflect the close connection of art and design on the works of contemporary designers in collaboration with visual artists. With the selection, we want to emphasize the importance of Slovak design in the European social context with an emphasis on the aesthetic side, the timelessness of design work and the reflection of social events. The exhibition includes the ingenious architecture of the designer and jeweler Andrea Ďurianova and the graphic processing of the exhibition by the graphic designer Matúš Buranovský together with the use of the font "FOREVER" by Ester Mládeková.

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Transmodernity SCD - poster