Mourning notice

Anton Cepka (1936-2022)

It is with deep sadness that we announce that ANTON CEPKA, a prominent artist, educator and founder of the jewelry studio at AFAD, left us on December 26, 2022.


Anton Cepka belongs to world-renowned artists, he is the founding figure of Czech and Slovak modern jewelry of the second half of the 20th century. However, his work went beyond jewelry creation towards an object, a constructive-kinetic object, sculpture and towards a monumental creation intended for public space.


Anton Cepka: Untitled, 1988, Moravian Gallery Brno

Anton Cepka: Untitled, 1988, Moravian Gallery Brno


Anton Cepka completed his studies at the Academy of Arts Architecture an d Design in Prague under sculptor Alena Nováková. In the 60s of the 20th century, he established himself on the international scene mainly with his constructivist visual expression, which he integrated mainly into brooches and trailers. In his work, he tended to use materials such as white silver, optical glass, stones, through which he created spatially conceived works. His perfect craftsmanship is connected with the philosophy of the time, with the effort to bring images of the progressive world into artistic creation, his works remind of technological progress, with futuristic forms he refers to flight or space.


Anton Cepka often spoke about the fact that his jewelry and objects "carry the signs of today's times". However, his work does not remain in its past. He constantly inspires and re-updates his position by commenting on the signs of the present. Cepka's solid and consistent work sets up a mirror of today's vibrant and value-unstable era.


Honor to his memory!



In Memory of Anton Cepka


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