Support for the successful application of VŠVU graduates in artistic practice

Do you want to start a startup and prepare a crowdfunding campaign? Do you want to learn how to get a grant, a sponsor, or are you looking for a strategic financial partner? Do you plan to organize an exhibition, set up a gallery, prepare a website, or publish a catalog? Do you want to get the audience's attention for your creation / brand? Are you attracted to creative marketing / PR strategies? Do you want to be able to communicate effectively and speak confidently in public? Would you like to start a business and you don't know how to do it? The new subject Entrepreneurship in Art is just for you.


It has never been easy to survive as an artist. As well as becoming a good artist. The mission of the subject Entrepreneurship in Art is to prepare VŠVU students for the reality in which they will find themselves after graduation, but in which they are still present today. The future of the art scene is not possible without educated, organizationally capable and internationally outlooked artists, ready to confidently face the artistic and social reality. Creating a budget, grant application, project for a sponsor, realization of an exhibition, preparation of a catalog, website, establishing effective communication with the audience, but also copyright protection, filing a tax return and many other topics have become a natural part of most successful artists.

The subject Entrepreneurship in Art will be based on the personal stories of VŠVU graduates who are quality artists and at the same time successful entrepreneurs, as well as other professionals from practice. Theoretical lectures will be connected with workshops and discussions in order to bring the reality of the artistic and business environment as close as possible to the VŠVU students.


To prepare VŠVU students for a faster, more efficient and more successful start of a long-term sustainable artistic and business career in Slovakia and in the world. In the course Entrepreneurship in Art, you will also learn:

what is the value of the artist's work
how to be more attractive on social networks
how to communicate effectively and appear confidently in public
how to get a residence abroad
how and where to obtain financial resources for the realization of a work of art / project
how to become successful in the world
how the art market works
what is the copyright law for us
how to maintain mental health in the art scene and in business



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