Denis Braun & Patrick Hujo: POST-SPACE exhibition opening x Open Semester Party

We cordially invite you to the RARE CULTURAL SPACE for the opening of the exhibition of Patrick Hujo and Denis Braun, connected with the OPEN SEMESTER PARTY❗️ We are looking forward to see you❗️


RARE CULTURAL SPACE / courtyard of AFAD at Hviezdoslav sq 18



By buying a symbolic-voluntary ticket
you support the development of RARE CULTURAL SPACE


We´ll meet in post-space,
in inner states
of perceptions of reality

RARE: Denis Braun & Patrick Hujo opening  / invitation
RARE: Denis Braun & Patrick Hujo opening  / invitation.
RARE: Denis Braun, Patrick Hujo
RARE: Denis Braun, Patrick Hujo.

EXHIBITING: Denis Braun & Patrick Hujo &



  • Denis Braun: performance x Marek Bihuň: sound instalation
  • DJ: FallingVeil x Fantomas



  • Skrytý bar / Nová Cvernovka



Supported through public funds from Slovak arts council.

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