Online application


Recommended search engines (last two versions of the following ones):

  • Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox


  1. Enter the key word based on your interests, hobbies, things you would like to do, things you would enjoy, in short, a key word based on what you would like to study. Press search and you can easily find your new study programme at your future school
  2. To narrow down the search results you can use a filter.
  3. You have found the study programme you wanted. Now throw it to the satchel. Satchel is a place where you can save programmes of interest.  If you wish to save your satchel’s content, you must register.
  4. Once you have found what you were looking for, click My satchel and new application.
  5. Applications to study programmes will be completed by pressing done.
  6. Press complete and start filling in your application.
  7. You don’t have to fill the whole application at once. You can divide it in to several steps.
  8. After entering all the information, don’t forget to confirm the application.
  9. Print and sign the completed application, and send it to the study department. Don’t forget to pay the fees via charging order.
  10. COMPLETE. You’ve done it. Your application is sent.

If you had confirmed your application, but then detected a mistake, write an appeal to to have your application unblocked. After having the application unblocked, you can correct it and print it out.

Your specific symbol will be known to you after you have confirmed the application. In the additional information of the bank transfer draft write your name and surname.