CRAFTED BY:  suvenir × Studio Metal and Jewel

We cordially invite you to the opening of the student exhibition of the Studio Metal and Jewel on 29 May 2024 at the Bratislava City Gallery in the Pálffy Palace at Panská 19 in Bratislava.



  • Opening 29.5. 2024 (Wednesday) at 19:30

    • Duration: untill 23.6.2024


Exhibition concept:

  • jeweler: Kristýna Španihelová (AFAD) 
  • sculptor Nina A. Šošková (contemporary_suvenir)

Exhibiting students

  • Sofia Anna Straková, 
  • Naďa Rezníčková, 
  • Lucia Vlčeková, 
  • Nina Štefániková, 
  • Ilari Omelchenko 


About the exhibition

The exhibition "CRAFTED BY" SOUVENIR x Atelier šperk a kov VŠVU (Studio Metal and Jewel of AFAD) offers visitors a unique insight into the world of creativity and skills of students who, through their works, connect tradition with modern design, thereby celebrating Slovak cultural heritage. This exhibition is not only a display of artistic creativity, but also an inspiring way to learn about the meaning and beauty of craftsmanship in the contemporary world.

This cooperative project presents the unique works of students from the Studio Metal and Jewel at the University of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava (AFAD), which were created under the leadership of Kristýna Španihelová and in cooperation with Nina A. Šošková's project – Contemporary Souvenir. The exhibition project presents souvenirs in the form of various artefacts, which were created by integrating traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Jewelry, diaries, lollipops, or light objects... these are all the results of the challenge that the students faced in collaboration. Diverse artefacts, materials, technology, packaging material and other practical aspects of sales, combined with traditional craft and traditional folk culture, have resulted in original concepts of contemporary souvenirs that are presented in this exhibition.

We thank the Tatra Banka Foundation for the support and the Bratislava City Gallery for the facilities provided.




CRAFTED BY:  suvenir × Ateliér Kov a Šperk - poster