AFAD Readers' Club What´s the Point? in the MEDIUM Gallery

In the MEDIUM gallery we are opening a reading club for VŠVU students called What's the Point? The club will be led by the head of the gallery Miroslava Urbanová together with the student Dáša Oršuliaková and the student Miroslav Šujan from the Department of History and Practice of Contemporary Art. We want to create a judgement-free and friendly environment without pressure regarding marks and the like. Topics and individual texts/publications will touch on current exhibitions and the wider discourse on/in contemporary art.

in MEDIUM Gallery on Hviezdoslavovo námestie

We expect you to read (or note) the individual texts at home separately and go through them together within the club - also in response to the current exhibition context. The texts will be available in PDF / .doc format at Microsoft Teams What's the Point? (and are for study purposes only).

These will be texts from various areas of theoretical discourse, not just artistic discourse, and you need to prepare your best English language skills.

We start with the exhibition Haraway's children - basic info about the exhibition can be found here:

If you are interested in joining the gallery / student reading club, write us a message to the e-mail address

  • Provide your school email address in which to add you to the Microsoft Teams Club. The prerequisite is an active Microsoft Teams account, which you should be able to set up through your school email address. We will be glad if you join him. Although you may not be covered by all the topics covered within the club, we believe that the gallery can become a place for your regular meetings and discussions.

In the first session, we will go through the following together:

texts (excerpts from publications):

  • Donna Haraway: Cyborg Manifesto
  • Posthuman Ethics, Posthumanism, Transhumanism / Posthumanism in: Posthuman Glossary
  • Introduction, Post-Humanism: Life beyond the Self, in: Rosi Braidotti, The Posthuman. Polity Press 2013.
  • Peter Singer: All Animals are Equal, in: Tom Regan & Peter Singer (eds.), Animal Rights and Human Obligations

short texts for exhibitions:

  • Exhibition Histories, Post Human, Spike Art Magazine
  • Pro (s) thesis and Posthuman Complicities
  • Exhibition Reader, Posthuman Complicities
  • Haraway's children - text for the exhibition in the MEDIUM Gallery