What to follow in the world of slovakian art practice  (newsletter)

Here you will find resources from where you can regularly get information about exhibitions, open calls, workshops, residencies, competitions and the like.

Newsletter of the Support and Counseling Center preview 1
Newsletter of the Support and Counseling Center preview 1, 2022.
Newsletter  of the Support and Counseling Center preview 2
Newsletter  of the Support and Counseling Center preview 2, 2022.
Newsletter  of the Support and Counseling Center preview 3
Newsletter  of the Support and Counseling Center preview 3.
Newsletter  of the Support and Counseling Center preview 4
Newsletter  of the Support and Counseling Center preview 4.

Newsletter of the Support and Counseling Center for students of the AFAD in Bratislava

We dispatch the Newsletter about 1-2 times per month and we select events and projects that we believe could be attractive to a wider audience within our school. We take into account the interest, but as well e.g. the geographical accessibility of the events. The Support and Counseling Center also offers the possibility of consultation on how to respond to the individual Open Calls.

The Newsletter is in a responsive html design, so you can conveniently open it and click on the links to the events from Your mobile devices as well.

You can subscribe to the newsletter here:

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You can view older issues of the newsletter HERE.

Newsletters and other sources of information outside of the AFAD

Given the broad range of AFAD study programs, depending on the program studied, the focus will be a little different for each student, but:

An extensive source of information is the weekly FLASHART newsletter (you can subscribe at the very bottom of the page), in addition to calls, it also presents grants and job opportunities, especially in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with a focus on fine arts. But you can also find the newsletter every week on the Flashart FB. Calls and workshops can also be found on the  TRANZIT website, which also offers a newsletter, and in the "Aktuality" section on the ARTALK website,

CULTURENET also offers a wide range of offers, with the difference that it is a bit more focused on performative art and the Czech space.

The ON THE MOVE site is a very good and comprehensive aggregator of offers, especially regardig mobility for artists around the world!

Information on educational events and calls focused on design and applied art, or even graphic design, can be found in the KALENDÁR DIZAJNU on the website of the Slovak Center for Design (SCD). The platform focused on architecture is ARCHINFO, but it also extends into graphic design or the field of works of art intended into architecture.


How to read this information

At the beginning of Your study, this information (from our own newsletter, but also other sources, which we list below) will help you get a better sense of what is happening in the art scene, what opportunities, when, and how often appear, and what is usually required from the applicants.

It is also advisable to start monitoring these resources more intensively e.g. one year or six months prior to the time when you would like to engage in something external - publicly present your work, apply for an internship or a residency, etc.

Of course, you will receive a large amount of relevant information directly at your department, from Your teachers and classmates.



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