What to follow in the world of slovakian art practice

Here you will find resources from where you can regularly get information about exhibitions, open calls, workshops, residencies, competitions and the like.

At the beginning of Your study, this information will help you get a better sense of what is happening in the art scene, what opportunities, when, and how often appear, and what is usually required from the applicants.

It is also advisable to start monitoring these resources more intensively e.g. one year or six months prior to the time when you would like to engage in something external - publicly present your work, apply for an internship or a residency, etc.

Of course, you will receive a large amount of relevant information directly at your department, from Your teachers and classmates.

Newsletter of the Support and Counseling Center for students of the AFAD in Bratislava

We dispatch the Newsletter about 1-2 times per month and we select events and projects that we believe could be attractive to a wider audience within our school. We take into account the interest, but as well e.g. the geographical accessibility of the events. The Support and Counseling Center also offers the possibility of consultation on how to respond to the individual Open Calls.

The Newsletter is in a responsive html design, so you can conveniently open it and click on the links to the events from Your mobile devices as well. To subscribe, you need to register your email address via the link below:

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Newsletters and other sources of information outside of the school

The resources listed below offer an updated compilation of events in the Slovak and Czech space, which are more or less orderly arranged.

Newsletter Flashart

...allows you to subscribe to a monthly or weekly subscriptions. It monitors the area of the SR an ČR. It also contains an overview of job positions in Slovakia and the Czech Republic in galleries and the cultural sector in general. Furthermore,noteworthy open calls and residencies abroad in the European area are included as well, along current support schemes and grants. The newsletter focuses mainly on Art and Exhibitions.

It is podssible to subscribe under the link below (You will need to scroll to the very bottom of the page)



Under the link there is a clear updated database of ongoing events in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Allows clear color sorting by event type. Primarily focused on architecture, but there are also challenges and competitions for artistic decoration, in the field of exhibition design and graphic design others.


Some events, as well as various reports from exhibitions, commentaries, as well as job openings positions in the field also appear on the website https://artalk.cz/sk/