Time management

Man's time is always limited. Efficient work with time is one of the parameters of professionalism, but also a prerequisite for a satisfying professional career not marked by exhaustion. Of course, we are all different, we have different needs and work strategies. Below we will offer you various tools, it is up to you whether and which one You shall use.

The Pomodoro method

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Pomodoro is actually a timer that helps with deployment of work effort in time (The method is also called after the kitchen timer.)

As a creative, you will probably agree that when we get to work, we often forget about time, surroundings, weather ... food, sleep and rest. It is called a "Flow" state (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology)) It is a productive state, but when dragging over a certain limit, the onset of fatigue, which is difficult to manage, then naturally manifests itself.

On the other hand, it can happen that during the research the mind starts to wander unnoticed, an hour or two passes and we actually didn't create anything, because - under the guise of researching - we clicked through Pinterest, Behance, Instagram, etc. Here, on the contrary, we have the opposite problem - we do not get into the state of "flow," we do not produce, but we do not rest either (!) and the clock is ticking.

The Pomodoro timer will provide the proverbial “school bell ring" and alert you when you need to start working with focus, but also when you need to lay your work aside completely and take a break and focus on relaxing or doing other activities (snacks, coffee, social networks, etc.).

You can search for these timers via the term "pomodoro timer" and they are available for free in many versions, from videos on Youtube, to apps that can be downloaded to a smartphone or computer, such as: