How to work with the AIS (Academic Information System)

Here you will find instructions on how to deal with various situations that you will encounter during your studies at the AFAD in the Academic Information System (AIS2) of our school.

How to register courses in the AIS

In the video below you will find instructions on how to add and remove courses in the Academic Information System AIS2 during the enrollment period, what things to pay attention to, how to link Your subjects to Your timetable and how to check the sum of courses You enrolled via the "Study Report" ("Výkaz štúdia").

You may access the Academic Information System (AIS) from the main page of, via the link in the upper right corner of the screen, or via the following web link

The time required to watch the whole video is about 10 minutes. Below are the times in which the individual topics are addressed.

  • 0:00 Where to enroll Your courses in the AIS
  • 1:19 How to pick Your courses with regards to the Recommended study plan
  • 2:07 Types of courses: Compulsory, Compulsory elective and Optional courses
  • 4:02 Prerequisites, or when one course follows another
  • 4:34 The Course information sheets - "Informačné listy predmetov"
  • 5:47 How to create and display Your Schedule
  • 7:58 Unsubscribing the courses
  • 8:42 Checking the sum of enrolled courses via the Study Report - "Výkaz štúdia"
How to enroll in AIS