Support for professional growth

Our goal is to help you with orientation during your studies, in various possibilities of realization (not only) of school projects, in short, to equip you with tools, information and skills for successful study and practice.

How to arrange a consultation?

I do speak English.

  • Counseling requiring a longer personal interview can take place in person or via the Microsoft Teams application.
    • The date shall be arranged in advance in person, by emailor on the phone.
      • You can contact me on these contacts from Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 16.30.


  • The office of the Support and Counseling Center, where we will be happy to welcome you, is located at Drotárska ceste 44, on the 3rd floor, office D 317 (opposite Visual communication department classes).
    • You can usually find me on Drotárska from Monday till Wednesday


*On Thursday and Friday, the office on Drotárska is reserved for our colleague Martin Šarkan.

  • on Thursday or Friday, by prior agreement, we can meet in person at Hviezdoslavovo Square building.


Who am I?

My name is Tomáš Jančařík, (click on the list of employees), and I am a consultant and secretary of the center. I graduated from the Department of Design at AFAD. I know various situations during the course of studiy and creative projects as well as the functioning of the school quite intimately and I will be happy to assist you when you feel the need to consult with me.

Career counselor

What areas do I focus on?

  • "first contact office" for applicants for study / provision of basic information to applicants for study and arrangement consultation of their homework with a particular teacher, participates in the organization of the Open Doors Day, where he conducts a guided tour of the school for applicants, informs selected secondary schools about studying at AFAD, provides organizational assistance to applicants during the Admission processi, etc.
  • production services linked to the organization and realization of exhibitions and other presentations of artistic production of the students
  • accepting requests for career counseling (copyright, accounting, grants, etc.) and other services from students, finding suitable professionals and arranging the required services in a supplier manner.
  • providing counseling in other areas related to student projects (realization options of the term and final projects outside of the school, etc.)
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