Support during the pandemic

Together we can make it.

Dear students,

we are aware of the high demands placed on all of us by the limitations associated with the Covid 19 epidemic. We perceive that distanced and combined forms of study are a non-standard and stressful situation, we receive this information through the Survey conducted on the initiative of your representatives in the Academic Senate, as well as individually from students and teachers.

We want to respond to the situation. On the website of the Support and Counseling Center of the AFAD we have placed for you several tools that you can use to better manage your studies during a period of limited contact with the school and classmates.

Socialization during pandemic constraints

We understand that studying at AFAD includes social life. It is being missed in the current situation. According to the evaluation of the Survey most noticeably by those of you who have become members of the Academic Community of the AFAD in recent years, already marked by the pandemic. Therefore, in cooperation with other school bodies, we are currently considering an optimal platform that would allow us to organize an event that will allow a better acquaintance with your classmates. We will inform you about the development in due time!

Psychological counseling 

During April, we will organize a webinar for you with the center's psychologist, Martin Šarkan, on the topic "Mental health and wellbeing during a pandemic". 

As students of AFAD, you can consult with Martin (click to consult Martin) or request recommendations or contact for external experts according to your situation and needs

In the "Urgent help" section you will find contacts for non-stop help and advice on public toll-free lines, in case you feel the need for quick contact with an expert outside our office hours, when we may be available to you.

Support for professional growth

Distance learning is a new experience for many. However, the transition to more intensive teaching in multimedia and digital formats also belongs to the strategic goals of the school Long-term Plan and a certain degree of proficiency in working with information and text is an integral part of study in the university format, and thus also of the study at the AFAD.

We would like to draw your attention to some of the resources you have available for your study during this period and gradually provide you with some tools that can help you to make your work effective and bring you development and satisfaction.

In the "Time management" section, we have prepared information about one of the possible tools for better deploying your work efforts in time.

As the distance form of study places greater demands on the use of online resources, in the section Working with information you will find a video tutorial on the topic "Working with information using PDF documents," which can make it easier for you to process documents for your research, semester or qualification work.

Hereby you will get acquainted with the first sections of our website, which we will of course continuously update and supplement with regard to the development of the situation.

In the name of the Support and counseling center for the students of AFAD in Bratislava,

Martin Šarkan and Tomáš Jančařík