Urgent Help

Contacts for NONSTOP 24 hour help

Emergency number 112

There is at least one operator in each coordination center who is able to handle a call to 112 in English. Call in case of:

  • fire of buildings, cars, forests or other objects
  • natural disaster
  • serious accidents
  • robbery or theft
  • if you find suspicious luggage in which explosives could be placed,
  • if you find an unconscious person lying on the ground,
  • if you witness violence, battle or riots,
  • if you are witnessing a suicide attempt,
  • serious injuries - when you can't stop bleeding when someone is suffocating or cannot breathe
  • if someone has been injured by an electric shock,
  • if you want to report to the police facts about crime or information about wanted or persecuted persons

Nonstop assistance line of the British Embassy +421 2 59 98 2000.

List of foreign embassies and consular offices in Slovakia, including contacts: