Psychological Counseling

You are not alone on the path of life. Here we deal with student as a person, personality, and a creative individual.

Psychological Counseling

How to arrange a consultation?

I do speak English.

Counseling can take place face to face in  office D317 (usually Thursdays and Fridays) at Drotárská cesta 44 on the 3rd floor, or, upon agreement, also via the Microsoft Teams application. The date shall be arranged in advance by e-mail or by calling +421 911 764 699

You can contact me on Monday and then from Wednesday to Friday between 09:00 and 16:30.

IMPORTANT: I am professionally bound to maintain full discretion and confidentiality.

External consultations

I can also, if it suits you better, arrange consultations with colleagues from the external environment, or I can provide you with contact details for an external Psychological Counseling Center, with which the school has an agreement.

This external Psychological Counseling Center is aimed at university students, it is free of charge, but although it is relatively busy, it accepts AFAD students. It also allows You to consult personal crises and difficult life situations, mental difficulties, or states before making important decisions, or even specific study, partner or other interpersonal problems.

Who am I?

My name is Martin Šarkan (click on the list of employees). At the center, I am in charge of advising students in their personal and study matters. In addition to counseling, I have been working as a teacher and researcher at AFAD and TFTU for several years, where I deal with personality psychology, philosophical anthropology and philosophy of the mind, but also with broader socio-cultural topics.

What areas do I focus on?

  • psychological counseling / counseling in difficult emotional or personal moods (states of depression, anxiety, experiencing stress, problems in relationships, etc.)
  • social counseling / counseling in case of unfavorable financial situation, its possible solution, etc.)
  • study counseling / solution of insufficient progress in study, insufficient motivation, etc.
  • counseling and coordination of activities related to students with special needs
  • student ombudsman services
  • submission of complaints and resolution of inappropriate behavior, various forms of discrimination and violation of rights enshrined in the AFAD Code of Ethics