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At AFAD It is possible for foreigners to enroll into accredited study programs in the Slovak Language. This is a viable, tuition-free and frequently utilized option especially for students from other Slavic nations. In some cases I may be able to put You in contact with international students who study or already studied at the AFAD, who may also give you beneficial insights.

NOTE: If you are an exchange student within Erasmus +, CEEPUS and similar programs, please refer to:

Exchange Student

International Office

Consultation with the guide

Accredited study programs, which have an academic degree as a result, run in Slovak language. I may be able to point out opportunities where one can study Slovak if thats the path You consider pursueing. B1 Slovak level is expected at the time of enrollment (We plan to offer some of the postgrad (Master) programs in English in a couple of Years).

For those wishing to study fully in English, it is currently only possible either within Academic mobility (refer to previous section); or within the tuitioned "Two year supplementary study" which however is an adult education, where the applicant must have already at least a Bc. degree; and as adult education, this program does not lead to an academic degree (see the above link for details).


I can explain the ins and outs, advantages and disadvantages of the above mentioned strategies of study.


You may contact me from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.30 here:


We can also arrange a consultation via MS Teams or in person!


Consultations at study programs / departments

I may help You arrange a consultation of your work and portfolio with specific teachers at Your chosen department and in terms of drawing preparation at the Cabinet of Drawing preparation.

  • Such consultations ar ehighly recommendeed to anyone seriously interested in study at AFAD.
  • They represent crucial tool at applicants disposal for better preparation for the admissions procedure.
  • Equally, and all the more in case of applicants from abroad, the consultations provide valuable indication as to into which type of study it would be most beneficial and viable that the applicant applies.
  • Focuses and frameworks of study being often different in different countries, to achieve a better grasp of what students have been producing in individual study programs / departments in last couple of years I recommend that You browse the website; where it is possible for each year of semestral projects to filter by study program.
  • You may also benefit of extensive descriptions of all study programs being available in ENGLISH now at this section of our website: standard-study. Information sheets outlining content of individual subjects are included.


*Note: personal consultations at specific departments are usually charged at EUR 10 for a 30-minute consultation.


Our approach

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You may also wish to refer to these links for general information:

Information about the admissions processes for all types of study

Information about organization and programs of all types of study

Documents, aplications, study regulatory documents etc.

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