Assesment System

Assessment System Information. Description and Scale of the Grading System.

Assessment of an AFAD student’s study achievements within the course study is conducted mainly by checking his/her interim results during the course of the semester or by an examination during the examination period. Passing the examination is graded according to the grading scale which has six grades:

Grade – Description of the assessment – Numerical Value

A – excellent (excellent achievements) – 1

B – very good (extraordinary achievements) – 1.5

C – good (average achievements) – 2

D – satisfactory (satisfactory achievements) – 2.5

E – sufficient (achievements meet minimum criteria) – 3

FX – unsatisfactory (achievements do not meet even minimum criteria) – 4

The student earns credits for the course, if his/her achievements were assessed with one of the grades from A to E scale. The student, who has been given the FX grade for his/her course achievements, has right to two exam resits in case he or she meets the requirements of interim assessment. If a student re-enrolls in the same course, he/she has right to have one exam resit under the same conditions. A method of weighted study average is used for an overall assessment of a student’s achievements. It is calculated by adding up all multiplications of credit evaluation and the numerical value of the grade a student has earned for completing the courses during the assessed period and then dividing them by the addition of credits earned over a given period. The courses the student had enrolled in but were assessed by the FX grade are also counted to the average with the grade „4“.