Organization of Studies

Information on the Course of the Master’s Degree Programs

The master’s degree programs at AFAD aim at acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge based on the current state of art and creative implementation of this knowledge in one’s performing their occupation or in their follow-up PhD. studies. Holders of Master’s degree have accomplished the second level of the higher education. The standard length of master‘s degree program at AFAD is two years. The final work of the master‘s degree program is a master's thesis and the study is completed with a state examination. Successful graduate students are awarded an academic title "Master" (abbr. "Mgr. art.").

The master‘s degree programs follow a credit system and a student has to complete compulsory, compulsory optional or optional courses depending on which study program he/she is studying. For one semester, he/she must complete as many courses as to earn 30 credits; as for the whole study he/she must earn at least 120 credits. At the beginning of the study the student will select one core course (major) – atelier/studio which he/she will attend in the following years.

Entrance examinations for master’s degree study