Organization of Studies

Information on the Course of the Ph.D. Studies

Doctoral studies at AFAD focus on acquiring the latest knowledge in art and science and on supporting independent scientific research and creative activities in the field of art. Doctoral graduates complete the third level of education. The standard length of doctoral studies is 3 years for daily programs and 5 years for external programs. A prerequisite for completing doctoral studies is to pass a dissertation examination, which is considered a state examination, and to defend a dissertation. Doctoral graduates are awarded an academic title “Doctor” (philosophiae doctor“ abbr. “PhD.”) PhD. holders in art programs are awarded an academic title “Doctor of Fine Arts” („artis doctor“, abbr. „ArtD.“).

Doctoral studies are conducted under the supervision of the tutor following the credit system. A doctoral student is supposed to complete compulsory, compulsory optional or specific courses following the study program and individual study plan.  For one semester, he/she is expected complete as many courses as to acquire 30 credits; for the whole study he/she is supposed to acquire at least 180 credits. Doctoral studies consist of a study part (study module) and an artistic part (art module), or more precisely a research part (research module). Details of the course of the studies and completion of individual study units (courses) depend on an individual study plan, which is drawn up by a student’s tutor and is submitted for the approval of the field of study committee. Regarding doctoral studies in one of the art fields at AFAD a tutor proposes a consultant, who conducts and supervises the written part of the dissertation. In the annual evaluation report the tutor and the consultant assess and evaluate how the individual study plan is followed. 

The study part of doctoral studies consists mainly of lectures, seminars and individual study of literature, as well as of individual consultations with the tutor, or consultant. The artistic or more precisely the research part of doctoral studies consists of individual or group artistic/ research work of the doctoral student and it has to be linked with the topic of the dissertation. On the professional level the artistic/research part of doctoral studies is guaranteed by the tutor who also evaluates it and assigns adequate credit evaluation following the valid study plans. The pedagogical activity or any other professional activity related to it is a part of full-time daily doctoral studies with a number of maximum four hours per week on average per academic year. 

Entrance Examinations for PhD. Studies