Completion of Studies

Information on Requirements for Successful Completion of Doctoral Studies

A doctoral student of full-time daily studies  is expected to enroll in a dissertation- a state examination at latest 18 months prior to the beginning of his/her studies, PhD. student of external studies is expected to enroll in a dissertation at latest 3 years prior to the beginning of his/her studies. The doctoral student is supposed to submit not only his/her application for dissertation examination but also the first part of the theoretical work elaborated for the dissertation examination and a presentation of the project and a degree of completion of the artistic part of the dissertation.

The dissertation is the final work of doctoral studies. The doctoral student may ask the Rector to allow him/her to defense the dissertation if he/she has acquired at least 160 credits, without counting the credits which were assigned for the admission of the dissertation to the defense. Doctoral studies are terminated by the dissertation defense which serves as a proof of competence and readiness for independent research activities or independent theoretical and artistic activities.