Admissions – Two-year supplementary study

Special offer of a two-year supplementary study without awarded diploma for international and domestic students.

Admission Interview

Interview applications in the academic year 2019/2020 are to be sent by 31. 5. 2019. Date of admission interview is 21. 6. 2019.

In case of any further questions, please contact the AFAD study department via e-mail:

Iveta Šmalová
02 5942 8511
protected email


Applicant will submit a portfolio to the committee in person. After having a discussion with the applicant, the committee will evaluate applicant’s artistic level, motivation and knowledge. After that, the committee will recommend acceptance / non acceptance of the applicant to the AFAD management. Applicant will receive the final decision in writing.

Accompanying application material

Applicant will print out an application (which will be later placed here), sign and send it to the AFAD study department together with the CV, verified copy of school diploma, and a copy of state exam certification. In the part ‘’I apply to’’ of the application, the applicant will write name of the department, studio/teacher (see the DEPARTMENT list of teachers). Applicant will bring the portfolio to the interview in person.


AFAD does not offer a dormitory for students of supplementary studies.


For more informations about Two-year supplementary study please click HERE