To Leave This Place

3.11. - 30.11.2017 | exhibition | Exhibition of Czech photographer Robert V. Novák will present its latest creation, which is confronted with the association for historical and current paths and learning opportunities.

To Leave This Place_invitation
Robert V. Novak - To Leave This Place
To Leave This Place_opening event (Robert V. Novák, Jana Kapelová, Silvia L. Čúzyová, Václav Macek)
To Leave This Place_opening event (Václav Macek)
To Leave This Place_opening event (Robert V. Novák, Silvia L. Čúzyová, Jana Kapelová)
To Leave This Place_opening event
To Leave This Place_opening event
Robert V. Novák – Musaion (Collections)
Robert V. Novák – Musaion (Collections), book (black), 400pages; Chinese calligraphic ink, 2001 - 2015
Robert V. Novák – Musaion (Collections)
Robert V. Novák – Musaion (Collections)
Robert V. Novák – Musaion (Collections)
Robert V. Novák – Musaion (Collections)
Robert V. Novák – Event horizon
To Leave This Place_opening event
Robert V. Novák – Possibility of mirroring, 2017 / Cracking, 2015
To Leave This Place_opening event
Robert V. Novák – Light, 5:16am, 2012 / Seat of Fear, 2015
Robert V. Novák – Other side, 2015 / 2016
Robert V. Novák – Danger, 2017
To Leave This Place_opening event (Jindřich Štreit)


Month of Photography Bratislava, author and MEDIUM Gallery invites you


To Leave This Place

author: Robert V. Novák
curator: Silvia L. Čúzyová
opening: 2.11.2017 o 5:30pm
duration of the exhibition: 3.11. - 30.11.2017


Robert V. Novák (1962) - a visual artist, graphic designer, scenographer and, last but not least, a photographer, is a well-known figure in the Czech design and visual scene. At The Academy of Fine Arts and Design, we had the opportunity to see his work in 2009, when he presented an impressive collection of his theatrical and exhibition posters as a member of the International Jury of the Triennial Poster of Trnava. Both the contacts and the visual reminiscence persisted and after years he wanted to return to the MEDIUM Gallery and present the photographic side of his work.

Site-specific exhibition To Leave This Place designed for space MEDIUM Gallery represents two overlapping photographic units that touch each other. The first part - Musaion (collections), is an association for historical and contemporary paths and learning opportunities. In the ALBVM publication, which accompanies the exhibition, the author writes: "Today, the only thing left to be discovered is the 'anticipated', and the romantic naivety of enthusiastic amateurs is languishes and slowly disappearing, and real surprises are probably waiting for us just in space and behind the mirror. The second part of the exhibition is compiled from new photographs, which Robert V. Novák has just started to name just under the name of the current exhibition "To Leave this Place". "I like to uncover the ways of thinking of the authors in the exhibitions, not only by looking at individual works but also by assemblages of works. I am excited by the impulses of contexts that may seem marginal and seemingly insignificant, but which make me feel that I looked into the hidden corner of the author's thought, in which I find something added. "

Photographs, or rather photographic records of author's vision, thought, perception, combination and composition, are disturbingly multi-layered, specifically indefinite, physically strongly present but meaningfully continuing and overcoming captured fragments of events, situations, circumstances, circumstances of their origin and author's multiple views, transformed into a photographic image. Photo collections are a unique insight into the author's grasping, mapping and learning of the world, in a wide cross-section from the captured physical fragment, through layers and networks of associations, to the most artistic and personal motivations. Words that are difficult to grasp are in imaginary contrast with precise, clean, despised, frightening, stunning photographs we know from Novak's design works.

Co-organizers: The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and The Czech Center