3. 11. - 7. 12. 2018 | výstava | A solo exhibition of Anna Daučíková held within the Month of Photography 2018

In the Field of Vision
In the Field of Vision



artist: Anna Daučíková
curator: Silvia L. Čúzyová
openning: 2nd, November 2018 at 6:30 pm
duration: 3. 11. - 7. 12. 2018

The exhibition is held within the Month of Photography 2018
In cooperation with České centrum in Bratislava

Anna Daučíková is one of the most important names in contemporary Slovak visual art; additionally, she has made an impact on the wider European cultural and artistic space. Gender art, video art and performance - these are, basically, the main areas of her current artistic interest. She tests, but at the same time complicates, the routine hierarchy in the social and familial constellations of society. She raises difficult questions which undermines gender unilateralism. Last but not least, for many years she has tenaciously cultivated critical self-reflection. The backround of Daučíková's work is based on an intense personal experience with socialist and post-socialist society (Soviet, central European and Western) and extensive knowledge of the relevant intellectual and artistic environment.
Photography, created and used without the photographer's ambitions and knowingly exempt from craft skills, has been found in Daučíková's creative programme since the beginning; this is one of the most important means by which she achieves her more complex artistic goals. Daučíková's way of manipulating the media and her use of photographs varies abundantly - from the visual record of a found or staged situation - through photography that represents not only documentation, but also serves as a medium to convey the author's own performances and body mappings (series of photo-collages, photo-accumulations and photo-perforations) - up to photography comprising "found-footage" which includes found, appropriated and specifically used materials. This approach brings into her works, among other things, her own or inherited levels of meaning (she uses photographs found in the streets of Moscow). Through this principle of composing the found photographic material into a new unit, which the author intentionally makes ambiguous through her input and visual "commentary", Daučíková transforms the possibilities of interpretation and creates layers of intricate inner contexts. This principle is presented in the collection of large format manipulated xerocopies, FIRST AID (1998), that is the basis for the exhibition in the Medium Gallery in Bratislava.

The project has been made possible by public support from Bratislava Self-Governing Region