1. 3. 2019 | event | Public presentation of the workshop for art students/researchers led by Christelle Nicolas and Carolina E Santo

How to perform a research?
How to perform a research?


friday 1th March 2019 at 6pm
in cooperation with Department of Photography and New Media

Public presentation of student projects created during the workshop How to conduct a research? led by Christelle Nicolas, educator and researcher in history and theory of art & Carolina S. Santo, artist, scenographer and researcher in art.

This workshop proposes to explore this question, and to reflect on the ways in which we do things, when we are researchers in art, whether we are artists, theorists, historians or/and educators. The ways of conducting research are made of gestures, tools, techniques, methods involving both body and mind: observation, feeling (sensation and emotion), fieldwork, taking notes (writing, sketching), sampling, recording, identifying and formulating.

Research is considered here as a stepping-stone towards a production of knowledge through the artwork process and a production of knowledge through science. Our aim with this workshop is to find out and juxtapose the common ways of doing things in art and science, through practice and research; and to explore the possibilities of doing practice-based research. The purpose is to acknowledge these intuitive ways of doing things, to identify them, to name them; and also to discover other ways of doing things, all of which we intend to experiment through group practice.

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