Flash Art Czech and Slovak Edition No.51

09. 3. 2019 | event | Launch of the 51st issue of Flash Art Czech and Slovak Edition. The theme of the new issue of the magazine is magic and rituals.

Flash Art presentation_51
Flash Art presentation_51

51st issue of Flash Art magazine Czech and Slovak edition by editor-in-chief Lydia Pribisova. The theme of the new issue of the magazine is magic and rituals.

Tuesday 9 April 2019 at 6:00 pm

The guests of the evening are Artprospekt P.O.P. in discussion with Vladimir Beskid
The program is a screening of Veronika Šrek Bromová's videos

Grouping Artprospekt P.O.P. (Ladislav Pagáč, Viktor Oravec and Milan Pagáč) Realized in the years 1979-85 almost fifty actions - rituals that arose during the purchase in nature and outside the official scene. Article 2 The provisions of Article 2 (2) of Article 2 (2) shall apply.

Veronika Šrek Bromová is a Czech artist and photographer, author of space installation and objects, drawings and ritual performances. For Him creation is characteristic of a visionary based on calf, the color of natural materials.


Flash Art Czech and Slovak public edition supported by the Media Support Fund.