DISCOURSE OF DESIGN: Graphic designer is the author?

18. 10. 2018 | discussion | The theme of the discussion evening will be a reflection of the design approach in the context of the graduates of the Department of Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

Graphic designer is the author?_invitation
Graphic designer is the author?
Graphic designer is the author? (Anna Ulahelová)
Graphic designer is the author? (Anna Ulahelová, Juraj Blaško, Ľubica Segečová, Branislav Matis)
Graphic designer is the author? (Juraj Blaško, Ľubica Segečová, Branislav Matis, Ján Šicko)
Graphic designer is the author?
Graphic designer is the author?
Graphic designer is the author? (Anna Ulahelová, Juraj Blaško)
Graphic designer is the author? (Branislav Matis, Ján Šicko, Martin Bajaník)
Graphic designer is the author?
Graphic designer is the author?

DISCOURSE OF DESIGN: Graphic designer is the author?


on Thursday 18 October 2018 at 6:00 pm
moderators: Anna Ulahelová and Branislav Matis
guests: Ján Šicko, Juraj Blaško, Ľubica Segečová, Martin Bajaník

We cordially invite you to a moderated discussion by Anne Ulahelová. The theme of the discussion evening will be a reflection of the design approach in the context of the graduates of the Department of Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. The development of this platform as a graphic art goes back to 1957. After 1989, the tendency of graphic design was developed closer to the author's design and artistic conception a profession with its own interests and values. Why did this happen? Why did the cultural and aesthetic value of output exceed the value of commercial and communication (user)? Is the author's approach still a real challenge in practice in Slovakia?
These questions will be discussed by invited graphic designers - graduates of the Department.

The event is an accompanying program to National Design Award 2018, whose 15th year is devoted to communication design.

The National Design Award is jointly awarded by the Slovak Center for Design and the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. Since 2015, product and communication design has been rewarded. This year's belongs to communication design and works, which were implemented during the years 2016 and 2017.

For current information about NDA 2018-CD and the accompanying program, please visit www.scd.sk/ncd
You can find a summary of the works you have submitted to the NDA2018 Final at www.ncd2018.tumblr.com.